Rocket Rangers Preschool released on Google Play

An edutainment title for ages 2-6ish, Rocket Rangers Preschool is available now on Google Play. It will be released on Amazon as soon as we can do the legwork and wait out the submission period. Our partners at Skyward* Corp. are going to undertake iOS distribution.

UPDATE: Rocket Rangers Preschool is available on Amazon’s app store!

This product has been Proxima Centauri Games’ focus since the end of April 2012. If it does well in the marketplace, we’ll seriously consider a series of space-themed edutainment titles for grade-school levels. Space games that help inspire and educate the future engineers who will take our species to space one day… idealistic perhaps, but that’s what this company is really intended to be all about.

Moon Lander Puzzle

This first preschool-level game has activities for color, shape, number and letter recognition skills, differences, simple puzzles, and a memory matching game. There’s also a sandboxy solar-system activity reward that appears between groups of other games.

Counting with Mars Background

This last was a fun lark – using the in-game solar system builder activity to make an approximation of our own system:

Just for fun: Our Own Solar System!

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