NSM Released a Year Ago – Updated Again

At the end of June, the latest quarterly update of the Near Star Map was released, taking the database to nearly 700 nearby stars. The app was released for Android a year ago already, and there have been three quarterly updates since then. There’ve been well over 7200 downloads across all stores where the app is available, which is very gratifying. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in the map!

near star map logo

For the latest update, I also added a basic search function, allowing stars to be found if the name is known. Popular targets such as Epsilon Eridani, Vega, and Wolf 359 will thus be much easier to locate in the map, though I might offer a tip: “WISE 1049-5319” is worth a quick look, as earlier this year it was spotted as the third nearest star system to ours, for loose definitions of “star”. It’s a brown dwarf binary, and there appears to even be a lower-mass companion orbiting the more massive brown dwarf in the pair.

view of WISE 1049-5319

In the screenshot above, WISE 1049-5319 is centered, with nearby Alpha and Proxima Centauri large in the lower-right center. Sol is the relatively large yellow star near the right edge of the screen.

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