NSM Database Complete

For most definitions of complete! The v1.29 NSM database now has 1175 star entries, nearly triple the 400 or so the app began with. After numerous updates, the database now covers every star listed within 50 light-years of our solar system in the professional astronomy data resources used as source material. Some nearby stars haven’t been included if astronomers haven’t classified the spectrum yet.

When using the app, it’s easy to see that the more distant parts of the sphere don’t have as many dim M stars as the inner portions. It’s virtually certain that astronomers are still identifying dim stars that are close enough to be included, and estimates suggest there may be a few hundred more nearby stars that we just haven’t recognized yet.

Updates for the Near Star Map will now shift to a biannual schedule, in March and September, which should keep pace with current rates of exoplanet and stellar discoveries.

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