Trappist-1 in 1.3.2 NSM Update

Near Star Map version 1.3.2 went live on Google Play and the Amazon Android App Store in March. Obviously, the hot exoplanet news this time around is the exciting Trappist-1 system, with seven small terrestrial worlds in tight orbits around an M-class red dwarf. Several of these planets may be in the star’s habitable zone!

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This news shouldn’t be allowed to eclipse the other exoplanet update – an earth-sized world orbiting Proxima Centauri! It’s probably too hot for life, but if there’s one, there may be more, and a system at the nearest star to our own will someday be a priority target for our first interstellar missions.

After news like that, the forty or so additional dim systems added to the database are almost a yawn. Check out the newly reported exoplanet systems in the Near Star Map today!

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