Proxima Centauri Games is interested in partnering with educators at any level to bring the excitement of space sciences and engineering to students, and to help foster interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and careers.

Our directors have academic backgrounds in sciences and engineering and our development team is made up entirely of space and science enthusiasts. Many of us are also parents. Our games are designed to feature scientific topics of interest and realistic mechanics wherever possible.

Staff currently volunteer on the Advisory Board of the Software Engineering and Game Development program at the CEC Middle College of Denver, and on the Program Advisory Committee for the Game Software Development Program, Westwood College, Denver. One of our officers has also provided volunteer IT assistance to the WOW Children’s Museum located in Lafayette, Colorado.

If there is a game, edutainment, or simulation project you or your institution would like to propose, our team will be happy to discuss it with you. Please visit our contact page.

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