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Why “Proxima Centauri” Games?

Alpha Centauri C, or Proxima Centauri, is an M5V dwarf star 4.22 lightyears away, and is the nearest known star to our own sun. When we eventually leave our solar system, by robot proxy or otherwise, this nearby star will presumably be our easiest, first destination. This choice is made even more likely by the presence of Alpha Centauri A and B, a G2V – K1V binary pair each much more like our own G2V sun, only 0.17 lightyears beyond. Proxima is our likeliest first stepping-stone away from home.

The star Proxima Centauri stands as a challenge and an invitation to humanity to become something greater than it has been. Our company was established in 2011 with the idealistic goal of using games and play to inspire interest in space-related science and engineering topics, in the hope that future generations will look outward rather than inward, and thus expand humanity’s frontiers. Our nearest neighbor star seemed an appropriate beacon to light our path.

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