Torino Warning Released on Google Play

Although the gameplay has been feature-complete for about a year, I’ve been distracted by contract work and other projects for most of 2012. Finally there’s been time in the last two weeks to clean up the menu system, rewrite the UI to scale decently, and work out the release process. Torino Warning is finally for sale on the Google Play Android App store.

Torino Warning

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work on a second product, which is also very nearly complete. That could be released in just a few weeks as well if the holiday season doesn’t interfere too much.

Near Star Map Available

Ever wanted to know about the neighborhood? I’ve seen a lot of lists and well-done static images that show information about the stars nearest home, but ever since I started programming, I’ve wanted to make a local starmap that a viewer could manipulate in 3D. Working on my off-hours for the last several weeks, I’ve used Unity to make one, accurate as of late 2011. I’ll update it with current info as new findings enter the public domain.

Please enjoy. If there’s sufficient interest via email, I’ll add some features and a webpage information key in the near future. It’s available above and in the sidebar at right under Space Info Tools/Widgets

near star map tool

And yes… one could possibly use this widget as a map screen in some kind of game. If that interests you, by all means let us know.

First Free Game Available

With the Android version of the game sitting on an unintended backburner due to our team having other work commitments for the time being, Proxima Centauri Games is proud to make available the current web version of Torino Warning free of charge. Time permitting, we’ll add some information to this site about both the game’s underlying science topics, and the concessions made to make it a playable game.

We’re continuing to prep the Android build for market in our spare time, with the expectation that the 1.1 update of the web build will also include a public leaderboard. Meanwhile, a small non-game project is in development right now, and prototyping “War of the Worlds” has already begun.

Tempus Fugit

Everything always takes longer than expected! We’ve been steadily working on Torino Warning, most recently on the Android version of the game. For PC and Web, we’re really just down to light polish and trying to take into account any APIs that a distributor will require. For Android, I’ve been learning about the touch interface, making it about twice as complicated as necessary, then ripping it out and reimplementing a slight variation on the simple original. Ultimately a useful learning experience, but it has soaked considerable time.

We’re seriously considering setting up an on-site store for direct distribution of our products. As always, if you have an opinion, feel free to let us know about it through the contact form.

Below is a screen capture of the Droid build, currently being beta-tested. That control ring graphic is a placeholder overdue to be replaced.

Some pre-release screens


As can be seen, Torino Warning is an arcade-style project. The player tries to protect Earth for as long as possible from the approaching asteroids. Working in a new development environment for us, on new platforms, we wanted to keep the scope as small as possible.

A few tweaks are left, but we’re now on pace for release inside of weeks.

Update: mid-October

“Possible Impact” has a real name: Torino Warning! This is a nod to the Torino Scale used to characterize risk from asteroid impacts.

Working part-time, we’ve just about wrapped up the last of the features and expect to begin distribution for PC within the month. Immediately thereafter, we’ll commence converting the controls for smartphones, and will place it on the Android market as rapidly as we can. By mid-November, we hope to have begun serious development of our missile-warfare game “War of the Worlds”, which we expect to progress at a much faster pace.

Current Activities

Our current project is a retro-style asteroids game in which you use your ship to protect Earth from impact threats. Internally, we’re calling it “Possible Impact“.

Possible Impact is in that infamous last 10% of development, which can take up to 50% of the total dev time. However, we’re hoping to wrap it up and make it available on Steam in early October and on Android as rapidly as possible thereafter. We’re also considering having it playable here on our own website, or at least downloadable, as well.

If one of those options is important to you, or if you really must have it on iPhone, let us know via the contact form!


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