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Ever wonder about the neighborhood? Our Near Star Map displays in 3D the positions of nearby stars out 50 light years, along with summary info on stellar companions and extrasolar planets. We are regularly expanding and updating the map with semiannual revisions, including new data from researchers as their work reaches the public domain.

This app requires no special permissions for use. It contains only URL links to our company website.

- 3D spatial visualization rotates and zooms
- touch controls for easy manipulation
- over 1100 stars in more than 930 stellar systems nearest our own
- stars colored by spectral type
- includes all stars known within 50 light-years
- indicates stars with detected planets, along with available mass, period and orbital distance information
- updated with recent data including 2016 observations and discoveries
- includes recently-discovered brown dwarfs
- name search tool, making known targets easier to locate
- exoplanet system diagram viewer
- routine updates and additions to the database: latest update released on 30 Sep 2016

This product is made available in app stores free of charge, and is not supported by advertising. If you find it interesting or useful, please consider making a small donation in support of its continuing development from our home page. Feedback and suggestions are also welcome, through our contact page. Thank you!